Solsolido Ron Butcher






Ricky (Brother)
Arpo (Father)
Sol's Ex (Ex-Wife)
Suncheeps (Second Ex-Wife)

First Appearance

Buryin' the Past

Voiced by

Dave Dunham

Sol is the 19-year old current owner of the butcher shop, after his father died. In the band he plays rhythm guitar, and the tambourine.

Sol is a recovering alcoholic. He was in AA for about a year, and was cured of his alcoholism and alcoholic beard. Now he only drinks milk, and in addition to all that, he became a man of the bible. In AA they shoved religion down his face, and he continues to say "God Bless" to this day.


At first he appears to be gruff, but in reality he is incredibly friendly. He can be a bit short-tempered towards Ricky, but he never hates him; he's just mad at him for the moment.

He is not that smart, and shows this constantly with his mispronunciations. Many of his fears stem from his troubled childhood memories with Arpo, and in the second season he began taking a therapy support group.


He wears black earrings, a black T-shirt, gray pants, and dark gray and black shoes. His hair is brunette, and he has dark brown eyes, mutton chops, and a goatee.


  • His catchphrase is "buds", which he is what he calls everyone he likes, and "sweet perry".
  • He has sung a total of 62 songs.
  • He is left-handed.
  • Dave Dunham claims that he is a recovering cocaine addict. 
  • According to his now-defunct SOB forums account, Sol's interests include weightlifting, freedom, and telepathy.
  • He was circumcised by Arpo with his best cleaver.
  • He has named his testicles Terry and Berry, which are actually Trevor and Jay's father and uncle.
  • He has eaten a squirrel once.
  • He keeps a dildo in his sock drawer.
  • He has an impressive ability to bullshit.
  • He has been in a porno, with Cherry LaFontaine and Mr. Ned.
  • He has a phobia of cutting his nails.