Sneakin' In




Sol Butcher

Sneakin' In is a song featured on the season 2 episode Hittin' the Rez.


Sneakin' in, dressed up like a totem pole.
Sneakin' in, crawlin' in a beaver skin.
Sneakin' in, tunnel like a giant mole.
Sneakin' in, tumblin' like a tumble weed,
Right on past security,
They don't even notice me, success.
Sneaky as sneaky can be,
Movin' around invisibly.
Sneakin' in, all it takes is elbow grease.
Sneakin' in, quiet as a morning breeze.
Sneakin' in, sneakin' like a sneakin'd pro.
Sneakin' in, you would never even know,
If I didn't tell you so,
It is quite incredibow.

Sneaky as sneaky can be,
Movin' around invisibly.
If at first you don't succeed,
That's because you ain't me.
If you're not allowed in,
Chances are you shouldn't go in.
Don't be trespassin',
'Cuz you get fined if you don't listen buds!

Sneakin' in, oh, I just dressed up like the totem pole.
Sneakin' in, oh, the beaver skin, the beaver skin!
Sneakin' in, ah skidly wa da hootie ho ho!!
It's all about the tumble weed,
That's what really aided me,
Rollin' past the powers that be,
But I digress...