SOB Story


Left Behind: Vol. 1


Doug Borski
Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

SOB Story is a song featured on the season 1 episode Buryin' the Past.


Ricky and me,
We formed a band in the name of our dead dad! (dead dad!) 
Sons of Butcher we called it, 
And it's also the name of our butcher shop! (butcher shop!) 

I was a boy, 
With a dream of controlling my piss stream! (piss stream!) 
Now I'm a man, 
With a mop in my hand and I play in the band! (with the bass!) 

Together we make, 
What only dreams can make for the rock and the steak! (and the steak!) 
So open your ears, 
And your mouth and your thighs, let the Sons inside! (Sons inside!) 

Sons Of Butcher!! 
Sons Of Butcher!!