Rickence Raine Ronnie R. Butcher






Sol (Brother)
Arpo (Father)
Thorbora (Ex-Wife)

First Appearance

Buryin' the Past

Voiced by

Trevor Ziebarth

Ricky is a 17-year old butcher, and though he works at the butcher shop, he does very little of anything. He is more focused on his band or any other opportunities that arise. In the band he plays lead guitar.


He considers himself to be a ladies' man, though his pick-up lines always involve just having sex with them. He favours overweight women and single moms, or any woman with big boobs.

He is very confrontational, but since his physique is lacking he always gets beaten up. As his ego is as large as he is, and he will slag on Sol and Doug for "not keeping up with his rock".


He wears a white muscle shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. He has blue eyes and a brown short beard. His hair is naturally brunette, but in the second season he dyes it blonde.


  • His catchphrase is at the end of a sentence, he makes a high-pitched "heh".
  • He has sung a total of 105 songs.
  • He tends to say the Canadian stereotypical "aboot".
  • He wears a hat with a shark through it, to give him inspiration for riffs.
  • He has had three heart attacks.
  • His first guitar used to belong to Arpo.
  • He needs to wear glasses.
  • He weighs 259 pounds.
  • His blood tastes like barbecue sauce.
  • He is still a virgin.
  • He is allergic to nuts.