Love in the Raw


Cover Stains
Sons of Butcher


Ricky Butcher

Love in the Raw is a song featured on the season 1 episode Livin' the Dream.


I've got a crazy way of bangin' your brisket,
A method, some would call it love in the raw.
I've got a better way of bastin' your rump roast,
Get your juices flowin'.

We've got it, it's on special,
You won't have to wait in line.
A dash of lips, a pinch of ass,
A handful of love will make this last.

Hot love in the raw!
Raw love in the hot!

Your carcass rocks with tender affection,
My love hammer is about to drop.
My love, your love, my love, your love is a mystery,
Taste the fantasy.

You've got it, you're so special.
Your ass is oh so mine.
My home made gravy's about to spray! (all over you)
You know you love it when it goes that way.

Hot love in the raw!
Raw love in the motherfuckin' hot!