Hittin' the Rez
Season 2, Episode 2
Airdate September 8, 2006
Production No. 202
Directors Karl Dipelino
Featured Songs Love Baster
Ultimate Drinking Song
Sneakin' In
Chicken Fever
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Hittin' the Rez is the second episode of the second season of Sons of Butcher.


After the government slates the shop for demolition, the boys hit the nearest Native Canadian Reservation to get 'fake proof' that the shop is built on sacred Native burial grounds. While on the 'Rez', Doug becomes a medicine man in fear of the 'chicken fever', and Ricky puts on a rock show for the hostile youth.


  • This episode was written by Trevor Ziebarth, because of his fear of the bird flu.


Sons of Butcher "Hittin' the Rez"

Sons of Butcher "Hittin' the Rez"