Findin' the Nuts
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate September 23, 2005
Production No. 104
Directors Karl Dipelino
Featured Songs Tit Song
Lion Tech
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Findin' the Nuts is the fourth episode of the first season of Sons of Butcher.


While enjoying his morning coffee on the fire escape, Sol suffers an awful fall so hard he coughs up his testicles. Ricky and Doug take on each other in a "Find-the-Biggest-Boobs-and-See-Them-Contest," as Sol searches desperately for his misplaced manhood.


  • Credits: In loving memory of Mucktaluck and Rose.
  • Shop window gag: Alf tries to nail a wooden sign to the window.
  • For a short segment, the song Pump Me Up could be heard.


Sons Of Butcher S1 E4 - Findin' The Nuts

Sons Of Butcher S1 E4 - Findin' The Nuts