Epiphany in the Key of Bigfoot


Left Behind: Vol. 1


Doug Borski

Epiphany in the Key of Bigfoot is a song featured on the season 1 episodes Huntin' the Legend and Lovin' the Granny.


You dressed in drag,
You dug skin mags,
We was dreamin' mad crazy.

Yo cave was tight,
Jenga be 'aight,
We was dreamin' mad crazy.

Bigfoot I done liked you best,
Why'd you take a shot to the chest.
Why Bigfoot, why oh why?
I shoulda let Ricky die.


Yo ass was stank,
Yo breath so rank,
Yo heart was big as yo ballsack.

Now you dead,
The ground stained red,
But man, what a big ballsack.

Bigfoot you'd a made me rich,
But now you Sol's stew-off bitch,
Bigfoot you'd a been a hit,
But eatin' you is the shit.

I did done doubt you, but doubtin' you done did you in,
I never knew no one not knowin' what I know then,
I do know one thing...

Bitch you were for real!