Dougland Peyronie Borski






Mucktaluck (Father)
Rose (Mother)

First Appearance

Buryin' the Past

Voiced by

Jay Ziebarth

Doug is an 18-year old janitor, who was hired by Arpo to help clean up the shop. In the band he plays bass.

He was the child of Christian missionarys, born in Africa. However, his parents were eaten by a five-legged lion, and was adopted by was raised by a couple of the Aboriginal tribe. But the couple were also eaten by the lion, and the tribe then raised him. He was later banished by the tribe to Canada, when he could not complete the manhood firewalk.


He is quite superstitious, believing whatever he reads or hears. He hates when work is pushed on him and he is mistreated, which happens often at his job.

Because he is addicted to porn, he doesn't pick up when girls are interested in him. And when he does, it is either based on a lie or he thinks it's just because the woman wants to have sex, when in reality she doesn't.


He wears a red headband, gray and white shirt, black jeans, and brown shoes. His hair is dark brunette his eyes are blue, and he has a dark brunette goatee and unibrow.


  • His catchphrase is "bitch, are you fo' real".
  • He has sung a total of 36 songs.
  • He wears a penis ring.
  • He has a thing for bestiality.
  • He is still a virgin.
  • He pissed fire once, stated in Firin' the Band.
  • He speaks in Ebonics, as a result of his upbringing.
  • He lost his right arm in Handlin' the Bike, and replaced it with Friso's arm.
  • He is colour-blind, as shown in Birthin' the Messiah.