Buryin' the Past
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate September 2, 2005
Production No. 101
Directors Karl Dipelino
Featured Songs Lick Me Up
The Gentle Art of Butchery 2
Punch That Face
Fuck the Shit
Burger Thief
The SOB Story
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Huntin' the Legend

Buryin' the Past is the first episode of the first season of Sons of Butcher.


After their father dies in a meat grinder accident, Sol, Ricky, and their friend Doug grieve their loss. Sol quits drinking and decides to continue the Butcher shop, while Ricky quits his job to pursue his dreams to be a rockstar. As well, Doug quits and takes his talent on the road. 


  • Credits: In loving memory of Arpo Butcher.
  • Shop window gag: Woman's head pops off and flies through window.
  • The logo on Jean-Guy's shirt is a perversion of the Conklin Shows logo (the company that puts on various carnivals around North America, such as the CNE and Ottawa SuperEX).


Sons Of Butcher S1 E1 - Buryin' The Past

Sons Of Butcher S1 E1 - Buryin' The Past