Birthday Tree




Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

Birthday Tree is a single released in March of 2012.


I enjoy your body, it's like Skittles I taste your rainbow.
And how 'bout them zoobs, (zoobs) 
They're like a fine age-ed cheesecake.
I always want more, whenever you're around me. 
It's sex o'clock, it's fuckin' sex o'clock! 

This song is your birthday gift, 
And these are my birthday riffs, my birthday riffs. 

Climb the birthday tree! In birthday jeans! 

You're like a bunny and I'm your carrot stick. 
I find it funny, that I'm with a World of Warcraft chick. 
But that's okay, 'cuz you bang like a warrior! 
And you're hot as shit, you're fuckin' hot as shit! 

This song is your birthday gift, 
On this lovely July the 5th. 
A whole lot worse you could do,
Than having Ricky (Solsolido) Butcher singin' to you!