Becomin' a Butcher


Left Behind: Vol. 1


Doug Borski
Sol Butcher

Becomin' a Butcher is a song featured on the season 1 episode Savin' the Shop.


Lesson one, you use a knife to cut the meat.
What the hell you mean, I don't know what you-
C'mon! To cut some meat you gotta really know a cow.

I'm tryin' to become a butcher!

Why the hell I gotta suck this dirty teat?
Hey! You gotta learn the milk that marinates the meat.
I really don't understand what this has to do with-
Hey, shut up OK.

You're tryin' to become a butcher!
I'm almost becoming a butcher!

C'mon! To get the skills you have to freefall cuttin' steak!
Extreme butchery yo! Check this meat I make!
I'm proud of you buds! I'm gonna go land the goddamn plane, ha!

I am a butcher! (x4)