Arpo Butcher






Ricky (Son)
Sol (Son)

First Appearance

Buryin' the Past

Voiced by

Dave Dunham

Arpo is the previous owner of the butcher shop. He had died in a meat-grinder accident prior to episode 1, and can now use ghostly powers to take over meat.


He quite obvious has anger issues, that he took out on Ricky and Sol when they were kids. Sol has most of the flashbacks, so it is apparant that Arpo beat on Sol more than Ricky. He refers to Sol as Shithead and Ricky as Dorknuts. Even though he doesn't appreciate his kids, he will do anything to protect them.


He is usually seen in flashbacks not wearing a shirt with black pants and shoes. Although his face is never seen, he is shown to have a shaggy light brunette beard and hair.


  • When he is seen in Hell, there is a jack-o-lantern covering his head.
  • He says "buds", as Sol does.
  • His wife left him.
  • Even though he killed Bonny G, they became friends in Hell.
  • His favourite holidays were Halloween and Yom Kippur.
  • Having Ricky was not planned.
  • He used to play a guitar named Assy.